Why you shouldn’t eat on a campfire at Yellowstone National Park

If you’re looking for a new campfire to start your summer, check out this free camping option. 

Yellowstone National Park, located in Montana, has a great selection of campsites that are open year round, and they’re all within walking distance of one another. 

But there’s one thing that can make you wonder about the campsites you choose to camp on during the summer: Camping toilets. 

According to National Park Service spokeswoman Megan McEwan, “Most of the toilets are located in the park’s camping areas, and are designed for people to use, and wash themselves in, the hot, dry air.

However, there are some sites that are designated for people only.

We encourage visitors to use these toilets to wash their hands, to bathe, and to change into clean clothes.

If you do use the toilets, you are expected to follow park regulations that call for all toilets to be cleaned after each use.”

While you’re not required to use the toilet on a designated day, McEwan said that the park “does require you to be at least three feet away from a toilet and wash your hands and body after each and every use.”

So, do you have to camp in the shade of the campfire? 

Yes, McAnulty says that campers are allowed to use campfires as a place to cook meals and use the camp fires as “a place for people and animals to gather for a peaceful gathering.”

“Camping in a shade is not allowed,” she added.

“But it’s a great place to go for a meal or just to relax and enjoy the cool evening breeze.”

McEwan also said that camping toilets are subject to regulations at the park.

“The campgrounds at Yellowstone Park have specific rules that apply to campers, which are enforced on a daily basis,” she said.

“The rules and regulations are a part of our mission to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and sustainable experience for everyone in our parks.”

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