Why you should never camp in Utah

If you want to see Utah become the next California, you’ve got to head to the desert.

The state’s weather is the perfect backdrop for a camping trip.

The desert is usually cooler than the surrounding mountains and it has plenty of rain to keep your feet dry.

Camping is allowed in all areas of the state, but camping is not allowed in certain areas of Utah.

If you camp in an area where camping is prohibited, you may be ticketed.

In the past, there have been a few instances of campers getting tickets for campgrounds.

However, the last incident that was reported involved a campground on the Uinta National Forest.

That incident involved a group of six campers who were issued a citation for trespassing.

The Utah State Parks Police say they are aware of the incidents and they are investigating.

The department says campgrounds are usually safe, but they do not allow camping in designated areas.

Campgrounds are still allowed in the desert, but it’s illegal to camp in designated campgrounds unless you’re camping at a designated site.