Why is camping at the Bodega Bay Fire burning so hot?

The Bodegaga Bay Fire is burning at a scorching pace.

A hot day at the fire has sparked an internet craze for camping in the smoky mountains of Bodegal Bay.

“I can’t believe it, it’s amazing,” said one person on Facebook.

The smoky-looking hills in Bodegan Bay were once a favourite spot for locals to camp.

But they are now burning so quickly that many have lost track of where they are.

There are reports of fires burning at other locations, including in the state capital of Darwin.

It is not yet known what is driving the fires.

In an effort to help those caught up in the fires, a local fire service station is offering camping meals to those caught in the fire.

Anyone who wants to camp should call the Bodesga Bay fire station on 131 444.

Camping meals can be purchased online or at a Bodegas Bay supermarket.

If you have to travel to Bodegon to access the campsite, you can book camping meals through a website or a phone book.

To help protect campers and visitors, a fire safety zone has been created around the Boda Bay Fire.

Bodega Park is open until 10pm on Thursday and Friday nights.

People can also make a donation to the Bountiful Fire Service, which is providing support for campers caught up on the fires in the area.

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