Which music genre are you most likely to dig?

It’s a debate that pits fans of electronic music against those of traditional rock, with some arguing for the latter, while others want to focus on the former.

Here’s a look at the top three genres and what each brings to the table.1.

Electronic: Electronic music has a long history in the music industry.

From bands like Kraftwerk to artists like Kanye West and Adele, the genre has been around for decades.

Many musicians have played in its genres over the years, and a recent survey found that 83% of respondents are “interested in listening to electronic music”.2.

Rock: The genre has grown in popularity over the past decade.

In 2016, the Billboard 200 chart showed that the number of albums released by the genre topped 1 billion in terms of music sales.

It’s also been gaining in popularity in recent years, with major labels and record labels signing artists like Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar to new deals.3.

Indie: The indie rock genre has its roots in the 1960s and 70s.

Since the late 80s, it’s been gaining popularity, with bands like Alice Cooper and The Cure, as well as artists like the Rolling Stones and Nirvana.4.

Indie rock: While it’s more of a hip hop-influenced genre, indie rock has always been popular.

This year, the Alternative Nation chart saw the number three spot on the chart, while the chart of the year was The Strokes’ third album, Take This Waltz.5.

Alternative: The Alternative movement has gained momentum in recent decades, with artists like The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, and Beyonce joining forces with artists such as The 1975 and Pink Floyd.6.

Pop: The pop music genre was created by British singer-songwriter, producer and singer-actress Beyonce in 1996.

This is a genre that is predominantly known for its pop and hip hop influences.

In 2018, The Associated Press ranked pop as the most popular music genre, while Rolling Stone named pop the most influential music genre of the 21st century.7.

Pop rock: This genre is more of an alternative rock style than a traditional rock one, with acts such as Blink-182 and The Killers being major stars.8.

Electronic pop: The popularity of the genre can be attributed to bands like The Kill and Radiohead, who both released albums this year.9.

Rock pop: It’s been around since the mid-80s and has a strong following.

This genre has a lot of influences from hip hop and electronic music, but also a lot more rock influences.10.

Indie pop: While pop is popular, this genre is a lot older than the mainstream pop genre, with pop stars such as Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Ellie Goulding being some of the most notable acts of the past few years.11.

Pop punk: This is another music genre that has a heavy influence from rock and roll.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s a form of rebellion, but it’s certainly different than what you hear from more mainstream pop acts.12.

Jazz: Jazz music has been gaining a lot in popularity recently, with many artists taking on the genre.

Jazz is a fusion of classical music, soul, and jazz, with the genre often incorporating elements of blues, rock, country, and reggae.13.

Jazz fusion: Jazz is an incredibly diverse genre, and many bands have been influenced by different influences.

The Beatles, for example, are considered jazz artists by many fans, while Stevie Wonder is known for playing the genre’s music on his albums.14.

Electronic jazz: Electronic jazz has been popular for a number of years now.

There’s no denying that, with albums like the Strokes, David Guetta, and Frank Ocean releasing albums in 2017.15.

Bass music: Bass music is often used to make a lot out of a low key sound, and that’s what bass music is all about.

Bass players can add a certain amount of flair to the style, while also adding a lot to the music.16.

Pop bass: Pop bass is often heard on hip hop artists such, Nas, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z.17.

Hip hop bass: This style is a little different from the other styles, as hip hop players have a lot less bass.

It can be seen in the styles of Big Sean and Drake, as the styles also include rap and electronic elements.18.

Rock bass: Rock bass is also known for being influenced by jazz.

This style was popularized by artists such Asap Mahal, The Weekend Shift, and David Guettron.19.

Rap bass: Rap bass is an extremely versatile style, with a lot going on.

Rap music is a pop-infused genre, but rap bass can also be found in electronic music.20.

R&b bass: R& b bass is a very popular genre, as this genre incorporates elements of country and hip