What you need to know about summer camp in Texas

There are no summer camps in Texas, but the campsites on the outskirts of Austin are a favorite of people looking for a quieter, more accessible way to spend the summer.

In the last few years, Austin’s summer camp industry has experienced a boom, fueled by the popularity of Campfire Texas, the online camping company that has developed a loyal following among millennials.

Campfire Texas has been in business since 2015 and has built an impressive reputation for its affordable, affordable campground that rents for about $25 a night.

With its cheap, cheap rates, Austinites have been forced to resort to cheaper, less accessible options.

But this year, there are signs that the trend is changing.

At the end of July, the campground at Campfire Park reopened after being shut down for months by the city, which has now agreed to open it back up.

The campground has also opened a new section of the parking lot, and the company has added a new campground in a former storage facility.

This is the first of a series of improvements Campfire is making to the park.

And, while the new campgrounds have not been perfect, Campfire said the overall experience for those using the facilities has been positive.

“The campgrounds are a great place to come and stay and socialize,” said Campfire founder and CEO Mark Withers.

When asked about how his company is able to stay open for the summer without charging people to park, he said the company makes “extraordinary efforts” to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Withers added that he and the staff at Campfires are also “not afraid to go back out there and do things we haven’t done in years.”

The company is also adding an additional $20 per night campground and two more campsites to its existing offerings, including one for up to eight people in the park, Wither and his company said in a statement.

These changes will provide a smoother transition to campers, Withering said.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, a new tent park that was originally scheduled to open in 2017, will reopen this summer.