What to do if you get stuck in a car at Raystown Lake, camping air mattress

When the water gets too low to swim and there’s no shade available, what do you do?

If you’re stuck in an SUV with a tent or RV that has to stay put, it’s best to have a tent and RV, said Raystown resident Jennifer Trombley.

Trombley’s daughter, Brooke, said she’s always been an outdoorsman and never considered camping air mattresses, which cost about $250 and can sleep three people, to be a necessity.

She’s been sleeping on the ground at the lake since her parents moved to the area in 2012.

Brooke said she has to get used to sleeping in a tent because it’s uncomfortable and uncomfortable to sleep in an RV, and it doesn’t have a lot of storage space, so she can’t put her daughter in one when she gets home.

Trambley said her father has always wanted to camp on the lake and she has always liked the idea of camping air.

She said she thinks the air mattress would be a good option for families who live near the lake.

“The whole idea is the family can go back and have their own space, their own place to sleep,” Trombly said.

She said she and her husband would love to have the air mattress at the beach.

But, they’ll have to take a detour.

“I’m just not going to go up there, I’m not going up there and spend a night,” Trambley added.

“So I’m just going to stay in my tent and I’m going to wait until the water comes back and I can get back to camp. “