The Republican Party needs a new tent camp in Arizona

Republicans in the state have a lot of catching up to do to turn around their fortunes after a brutal election.

But while Republicans are still trying to rally the base ahead of the state’s March 1 special election, they need to get back to basics.

The GOP’s primary is only four weeks away, and it’s a long road ahead for the party.

On Thursday, Republican leaders announced that Camp Camp Fire is the party’s first official tent camp, and they’ll host their first big event at the Arizona Republican Party headquarters in Phoenix.

In a news release announcing the tent camp announcement, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) called the event “a major step forward for the Republican Party” in Arizona.

Stewart told The Hill that he and other leaders have spent a lot over the past couple weeks talking with camps across the state about how they can use the tent camping as a vehicle to recruit more young voters.

The GOP’s first tent camp is set to open March 2 in the small town of Big Spring, a town of about 2,400 people.

Camp Fire is located in the Big Spring Village, which is about three miles north of the city of Big Springs.

The camp, which was built in 2010, is home to more than 10 people, including a young woman named Hannah.

“We’re hoping to do something really meaningful with the Camp Fire Tent Camp,” Stewart said.

“Camp Fire Tent is one of the biggest tents on the planet.

It’s a way to get young people engaged in the process and build a better movement.””

I think that is a very good thing.

It’s a way to get young people engaged in the process and build a better movement.”

Camp Fire will be open to everyone in Big Spring for the duration of the special election.

Camp Fire will have a tent camp-style area for participants to use as they participate in political events.

Campers will have access to a conference room, a laundry room and a kitchen, according to the Campfire website.

The Campfire tent camp has hosted many events for the GOP, including the GOP convention last year, the 2012 and 2016 Republican National Conventions, and the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary.

Campfire will open its tent camp space in front of the Big Springs Republican Party office.

The site includes a full kitchen with cooking and a communal kitchen, a lounge with a full-sized bar, and a bar-stool bar, according the CampFire website.

It will also have a small, indoor bar with live music.

CampFire will also offer its campers a free, 30-day membership for Campfire.

The party has offered Campfire membership since 2013, according its website.

Campers can use Campfire’s free membership to:Register to Campfire at CampfireNow, Campfire has been hosting events and events are still free, but there are a few requirements.

Campfire members must attend at least two political events per year, and those events must take place within a two-week period, according Campfire Now.

The rules are fairly simple.

You must register at CampFireNow before the first political event, and then the next political event within a month.

For example, if you register for the first Campfire event on March 1, you must register for a political event on April 6.

Campfires must be held at least 10 days a week.

Campfires must start at 10 a.m.

Camp Fires can only be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Camp fires must have a minimum of four participants.

CampFire is not a formal campaign event, so no party or candidate can attend.

If you are a member of the Camp fire club, you can register for Camp Fire Now for free at Camp FireNow.

Camp fire events are not mandatory for registered members, but you can help your club do its job by registering to Camp Fire now and donating $25 to help with costs related to events.

Camp fires will be held in the morning and afternoon.

The Campfire Tent Camp is set up to hold a maximum of 12 events, including political events, as well as a BBQ and an outdoor barbecue.

The tent camp will also hold a political fundraiser.

Camp fire events have been held at the Camping in Arizona event in Big Springs since 2012.

Camp Camp is the official political tent camp of the Arizona Republic, the state party and the political action committee of the GOP.