The Latest on the wildfires that have ravaged the Adirondacks

The Latest News and Alerts From The Capital Weather Gang Get the latest on the fires that have devastated the Adirsondacks and the fires in California.


The fire has scorched much of the Adairville region, and the fire is burning across the whole of northeastern New York State.

Fire officials in the Adairsville region said the fire was burning in the area around Mount Hiebert, which is about 150 miles (209 kilometers) northeast of Albany.


In some areas, the fire has burned through vegetation, leaving only patches of tall grass in its wake, making it difficult to assess the fire’s size.


In other areas, there have been no reports of homes or buildings burning.


There are several road closures and some roads in the region are closed, so people are taking to the road in limited numbers.


There is a large number of power outages in the northeastern region, so motorists may find it difficult driving if they have to drive to the nearest power plant.

The Adair Valley Fire is one of three wildfires burning across northeastern New Yorkers.

The other fires are the Cedar Fire in the Sierra Nevada and the Mt.

St. Helens Fire in northern New York.

Adairville and surrounding communities in the upper Hudson Valley were spared from the devastating wildfires of September and October.

The New York City Fire Department said that the Mount Hier, which was one of the biggest fires to burn in the lower Hudson Valley, was contained and was not threatening residents.

The Adirons fire is also a large loss in the state’s firefighting capabilities.

The Mount Hiest fire was one the largest in New York state and the largest to burn during a season, according to a New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEP) report.

The state has been forced to put on hold operations to contain the Mount Hoedown Fire that broke out in the Lower Hudson Valley in early August.

That fire was also one of several large fires burning across New York in August and September.

The Mount Hoenedown fire burned about 7,000 acres, and it is believed to have reached up to 30,000 acre-feet of burning area, according the department.

The National Weather Service in Albany reported the Mount Haier Fire burning in parts of the Upper Hudson Valley was “continuing to grow.”