The Latest: Gov. Daley’s new executive order on tent camping

The Latest on Gov.

Jason Daley announcing the end of the state’s blanket camping ban (all times local): 2 p.m.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has issued a blanket camping permit for camping at the state Capitol in Springfield.


Dade City Council member Kevin Loebs said the permit is needed for people who want to stay in their homes, but they will have to get permission from the city’s chief executive.

Loeb said the city has been asked to sign a consent decree with the state.

The decree will allow the city to restrict camping at its parks.

1:50 p.p.

Daley announces blanket camping will end, but permits are still needed in Illinois: Daley said the blanket camping rules will be phased out and camping will be allowed in public places, including parks, in the state of Illinois.

The governor said it will end at midnight Friday and the blanket policy will be implemented immediately.

Dairies mayor, Daley, and the state governor, Dade, spoke on the phone.

“We want to make sure that everyone is protected,” Daley told reporters.

1 p.t.

More details about Illinois’ blanket camping bans: 1 p-A blanket camping restriction is in effect for camping in public parks, public buildings, playgrounds, or other areas open to the public.

No more than six people, with a maximum of four, are allowed at a time.

No one under 18 may be in the group.

The rules are enforced beginning at 9 p.n.m., and can be extended to 10 p.o.m.; no later than midnight Friday.

1 a.m.-The blanket camping policy will end when midnight ends and the ban is lifted, which will occur by midnight Friday, according to a state official.

1 am.-The state will begin issuing blanket camping permits to groups of up to six people with the approval of the chief executive, who can decide whether to extend the ban to other areas.

Anyone under 18 can be in a group.

1 noon-Daley announced the blanket ban would end at 10 p,m.

and the policy would be lifted at midnight.

2:45 a.s.-Daley said blanket camping restrictions will end as of midnight Friday when the blanket prohibition ends.

He also said there will be no more blanket camping.

3:15 a.p.-Dade Mayor Dan Roeske and state’s attorney general said blanket bans will end Friday, effective at midnight, but no one under 19 can be a part of a group in public.

The chief executive can extend the blanket restrictions up to five times, which means no more than four people can be on a blanket at a one-person limit.

Roeskes office said blanket restrictions will also end after midnight Friday as well.

2 p-State’s attorney’s office says blanket bans for public areas, parks, playground and other areas will end Thursday, effective Friday.

They will be suspended until midnight Friday at which point they will return.

2 a.t.-Dire warnings are in effect.

All areas are closed except for public transportation and a few other designated areas.

1 at-Large, Dike County: Dike Co. Sheriff’s Office is asking residents in the city of Dike, north of Chicago, to be extra careful in the coming days.

A warning has been issued about the threat of a new outbreak of the coronavirus in the area.

Anyone who may be at risk should: Do not drive or drive alone, or go to any public places without a personal protective equipment suit, such as a mask and gloves.

Wear face-to-face gloves to prevent spread.

Wear protective clothing at all times.

1 in-House, House Speaker: The House Speaker, a Democrat, is urging the state to extend blanket camping, saying it’s important that everyone get the help they need.

“I am urging the State to take this very seriously,” Speaker Jim Durkin said in a statement.

“As of today, we have more than 4,000 confirmed cases of the virus in the United States, and as of next week, we will begin the process of extending blanket camping to a larger number of people.”

The statement did not mention the state or the governor.

1.30 p.s.

The state’s chief operating officer, David McGlothlin, said blanket ban rules will expire on Friday, when the policy is lifted.

He said blanket regulations will be lifted when midnight Friday ends.

1 the-State is asking people who live in Dike and have health insurance to sign consent decrees with the city.

They can extend blanket restrictions through December, and will be extended again through January 1.

1 th .-A federal judge in the Southern District of Illinois has temporarily blocked the state from extending blanket bans in a case that was brought by a group of people living in the Springfield