The American conservative explains why he thinks Bernie Sanders should run for president

The American political establishment is finally beginning to get serious about the presidential race.

It’s starting to realize that a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton is possible and it’s starting seriously to talk about it.

And it’s not just the establishment that is beginning to grasp the potential for a serious race.

Former Gov.

Jeb Bush, who recently endorsed Bernie Sanders, said he would run if he had to.

But his comments were so vague and general that he has been lambasted by conservative commentators who see him as pandering to liberals.

Bush has also become a favorite of establishment Republican donors and operatives, as he is a seasoned fundraiser who knows how to win big.

But if he’s not able to get a viable bid into the field, he has made a decision to try to change that.

Bush is taking a page from Sanders’ playbook, and it seems to be working.

There is talk that he could run.

But in this new political climate, it’s almost impossible to imagine the former Florida governor losing the primary to a serious contender.

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