Rangers to make summer camp in Texas a tradition


— The Rangers will make their summer camp a tradition, and it won’t involve a big outdoor event.

The team announced Wednesday that the first-ever summer camp at the Texas Training Center in Redwood City, California, will be held July 16-20.

It’s a fitting tribute to the Rangers’ past, said Rangers Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Brett Beane.

It’s going to be a very big place, a big facility, but we’re also going to bring some of the best in hockey, the best players from around the world, and that will be a tremendous benefit to our fans, the players and our staff,” Beane said.

The Rangers have made summer camp, or camp, a tradition since 2009.

They’re currently in their seventh season in Texas, which they won last season.

The Rangers’ summer camp is the longest-running, and one of the largest.

In addition to the outdoor game, there will be several indoor-style events, including an open-air skating rink, ice skating and the opening of a new indoor facility in the training center.