New Zealand: Camping in Arkansas is Back!

New Zealanders are camping in Arkansas for the first time in a long time.

In December, we reported on the new campground, located in the Arkansas main town of Camp Creek, Arkansas, that was established in 2016.

We wrote that the campground was not only a place to stay, but it was also an opportunity to learn about Arkansas, the culture and history of the people of Arkandalee, and the American-made weaponry that used to be used in the state.

Now, thanks to the efforts of the Arkansas Parks and Wildlife Department, we can share that this first-ever camping campground in Arks state is returning.

Camping is back in Arkansas, and you should too!

A post shared by Arks State Parks (@artsparks) on Feb 16, 2018 at 6:00pm PST Camping and recreation are a staple of Arks history.

Located in a small town just south of downtown, the town is known for its small but friendly population, its natural beauty, and its great hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, and swimming trails.

In 2015, Arks Parks opened its first permanent campground on the grounds of the Arks County Courthouse.

In 2017, Ark and Fort Lewis College, a private Christian college, created the Camping for Life Campground.

Arks College has since expanded the campgrounds in the area, opening the Camp Creek Campground, the Camp Springs Campground and the Camped in Arck campground.

Now Camp Creek is back, with a new tent and a few tents, just like last time.

There is a new, spacious camping space in Camp Creek that will be the main entrance to the new tent area, located right behind the camp site.

As with all of the new camping campsites in Arkins, the tent area will be fully stocked with food, water, and a full kitchen.

For those not camping in the main area of Camp creek, the campsite will offer a small kitchen, restroom, and washrooms.

This new camping site will also be a great spot for kids and families, with picnic tables, and lots of space to relax in.

This is a great start to an exciting new camp season for Arks residents and visitors.

We look forward to seeing you at the new Camp Creek tent, which will be open for all.

You can see photos of the tent and some of the amenities, including restrooms and an outdoor kitchen.

If you would like to register for a spot at the camp, please visit for more information.