New campground in Portland’s Oreskes River Valley will reopen, thanks to ‘crazed’ locals

Posted February 02, 2019 12:05:47A new campground has opened in Oregon’s Orecks Creek Valley.

The campground is located near the Oreske River.

It’s the first of its kind in the Orecken County, Oregon, and it is located on a remote part of the river.

It was designed to allow people to camp, but the campground also allows the area to be a sanctuary for wildlife.

“We had a lot of people who came here and were just overwhelmed,” said Steve Tinsley.

He’s the camp manager for the Oremo Wilderness Park.

“The lake, the rivers, the forests and the wildlife, we all love the wildlife,” he said.

“But, it’s kind of crazy to have people coming here and being able to see and hear animals and animals behaving in the wild, just completely unexpected.”

It’s a very unique setting.

“They came to see it, and they stayed, and then they went on to other places,” Tinsleys said.

A few months ago, the Orewes Creek area was the site of a massive wildfire.

A group of people had been camped out at the site for a few days and the fire quickly spread, eventually destroying the campgrounds and homes.

“It was just kind of like an apocalypse of the way the fires had spread,” Tysley said.

“We had all these people come back and then the fire spread.”

The fire is now out.

The park says that because the area is so remote, the campers are not allowed to take anything with them.

“Because they were camping out here, they weren’t allowed to carry anything that could be burned or burned and destroyed,” Tiesley said, adding that it’s also not allowed for campers to bring their own water.

A ranger, along with a handful of other campers, were the ones who made it to the site.

“I’m a firefighter, so I’m able to put myself out there and put my life on the line,” Tinesley said of his own survival.

“If they didn’t get out here and camp there, it would have been very bad for everyone.”

The park has a sign posted saying, “no campfires or fires allowed.”

“You’re not going to see any of the animals, you’re not seeing the wildlife.

It’s just wild animals,” Tresley said about the animals.

The people who stayed at the camp will have to get permission from the county before they can return to their campground.