How to sleep in comfort, no camping required: Sedona, Arizona

The city of Sedona is offering free campsites for those looking to spend the night at its sleeping-away camp.

The campground will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the weekends from 9:30 a.p. to 6 p.p., and is located at the north end of the town.

The site is also equipped with a water filter and solar power for campers.

“We have the most beds in the entire state, and there’s a lot of space available,” said Megan Anderson, Sedona’s deputy director of community relations.

“We’re also very, very affordable.

It’s a great value for anyone who is looking to go camping, and we’re also happy to help people with any medical needs.”

Campgrounds are typically set up in the backyards of homes and provide privacy from the elements.

Camping on private property is allowed in most cities and towns, but Anderson said it’s not allowed in Sedona.

Camping is also permitted at the city’s outdoor swimming pool.

The campground is located off Interstate 18 on Sedona Road, which is only about one-half mile from the town’s main airport.

The nearest parking lot is about 25 miles away.

Campers are allowed to bring a blanket, but no tent or hammock are allowed.

The only water supply is from a tap in the town, and the park has a power outlet.

Anderson said campers can camp in the park and in the campground, which will have tables and chairs.

There is no drinking water.

“The shelter has two showers, a hot tub, and a small sink that we will provide,” Anderson said.

“But we will not allow pets.”