How to make the perfect campfire grill

BBQs are great for grilling, but the campfire can also be great for the grill.

Grilling on the grill is often the most important cooking activity of a cook, so it’s vital that you’re keeping things simple.

Here’s how to make a good campfire griddle. 

Soak a baking sheet in a bowl of boiling water, cover with baking paper, and lay it out on the table.

Brush the top of the baking sheet with cooking oil and set the grill on the lowest setting, using a long-handled, metal grillstick.

Brush a few tablespoons of oil on top of each griddle as it cooks, then turn the grill to high.

Brush more oil on the griddle to create a tight seal and cook for a few minutes.

Allow the grill a couple of minutes to heat through the oil.

The grill should heat through into a beautiful golden colour.

Cook for a couple more minutes and check the grill for smoke, but don’t worry about burning it down. 

Place a large, thick piece of cardboard on the grate and brush it with cooking spray.

Sprinkle with chopped parsley, lemon zest, and salt.

Allow to dry for 30 minutes, then add more cooking spray to seal the grill in place.

If you’re cooking in the oven, put the grill down for 20 minutes, but it’s not necessary.

After 10 minutes, carefully flip the grill over, remove the cooking paper, cover, and cook on low for an additional 30 minutes. 

Once the grill has been finished cooking, carefully place the grillstick on the ground, and place it on top and around the base of the grinder.

Brush your grill with more cooking oil, then place a small plate or bowl on top. 

Remove the grill from the grill, and use tongs to push the grill apart and away from the table, ensuring that you don’t break the grill stick.

Place a small bowl on the bottom of the bowl and brush the grill with cooking water.

Sprinkle with parsley and lemon zests, and allow to dry. 

After the grill and bowl have been washed and cleaned, remove them from the grates, cover them with baking parchment, and set aside for 10 minutes to dry completely.

Brush some cooking spray onto the grill as it dries. 

Allow to dry and then grill your next batch of ribs, or simply grill them for a quick snack. 

To cook ribs, brush the outside of the grill against the sides of a large bowl and place a bowl on a flat surface.

Brush on cooking oil to coat the ribs and add a little more oil as they cook. 

Grill them for 3-5 minutes, and remove them to a plate or dish. 

Slice into bite-sized pieces, and grill until golden and cooked through, or until the ribs are soft. 

Serve them with a side of barbecue sauce.