How to Make a Summer Camp Story with This Trailer for Disney XD’s Summer Camp

With a trailer like this, Disney XD is proving that their Summer Camp series isn’t just for kids and parents.

The first season of Disney XD Summer Camp is set in an imaginary Disney town called Paradise Cove and follows the adventures of a group of young Disney fans who live there.

Disney XD has teased the first episode of the season so far with the tagline “Love is in the air.”

Disney XD Summer’s Camp has been around for a while now, but it’s the latest season that has been made available to stream.

The stream has been free, and it’s available in 1080p and 4K, but the streaming service has yet to officially announce a release date for Disney’s Summer camp.

That may change soon, though.

Disney has posted a trailer for Disney Summer’s first episode on its YouTube channel, which you can see above.

You can also check out the trailer below, which features a trailer of the first season.

This trailer doesn’t include much new content compared to the previous seasons.

There’s no new characters or locations, but there are a few glimpses of the Paradise Cove characters.

The first episode shows some of the main characters at the park and introduces them to each other.

We get a glimpse of the park’s main attraction, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, where we see that the resort’s residents and guests can enjoy the party and take pictures with the decorations.

Then, the trailer introduces us to some of Disney’s more unusual guests, like the Disney Princesses.

These are the characters that live at the resort and are featured in the Disney XD shows.

The characters in the trailer are called “puppies,” and they live at Paradise Cove.

Disney shows a few more scenes of them in the trailers.

Then we see them interacting with Mickey, who is a puppet.

This is the first time we get to see Mickey in action, so the puppet shows off his talents and abilities.

After seeing Mickey interact with the other characters, we see a new scene, this time with a Disney Princess named Ariel.

Ariel is the main character of Disney Princess Dreams, a Disney XD show where Ariel and the other Disney Princess characters interact with Disney characters.

We see a few of these scenes, like when Ariel and Mickey go out to the resort.

The resort has a “puppet room” and a few other rooms where the princesses can work out and enjoy their “ponies.”

The trailers show Ariel and some of her pals getting their “Disney magic” on.

Then the next scene shows Ariel and a Disney-themed pirate ship flying in.

Ariel and her pals are in a battle with the pirate ship, which is led by Princess Jasmine.

It’s a great fight scene.

After the battle, Ariel and Jasmine fall in love.

We can see Ariel’s “pony magic” as well as the pirate ships “pixie ship.”

We get a few moments with Ariel and other Disney-style characters, but we get a bit more of a look at her friends.

This time, we get more of the same scenes we saw with the previous trailer.

Ariel’s friends include Cinderella, Princess Jasmyn, Rapunzel, and Ariel’s best friend, Jasmine (yes, we know that’s not the same name as Jasmine from the Disney film.)

We can see a little more of Ariel’s new friends as well, like Cinderella’s new pals, Prince Charming, and Snow White.

This was probably a good thing to include, because Disney has shown a few scenes of these characters interacting with Ariel.

This might be the first chance to see them in action.

The last scene we see of Ariel shows her with the princess’ friends.

The Disney Princess show was a bit less popular than it should have been, but Disney did a good job of making a summer camp series that was well received by the kids and families watching it.