How to Make a Space Camp Movie

An Indian space tourist has developed a movie-making tool that could revolutionise space tourism, including movie-going.

The new film-making device can create a three-dimensional picture and is the first one of its kind, the first person who made it has told NDTV.

The device, which is named “Aurora,” is made of an ultra-thin film that allows for fine control over the thickness of the film.

It is about an inch thick and has a diameter of just 0.8mm, according to the official website of Aurora.

The device is based on a new technique, where a layer of thin film is placed over a layer that is just thicker than the film and the film is exposed to the light.

The layer of film is then gradually eroded away.

The movie-maker is not the only one who has developed the Aurora.

It has been made by other people and is not yet a commercial product, a senior official of the Indian Space Research Organisation told NDtv.

It can be made in a few minutes and will be available to everyone who wants to make one.

The film can be shot in daylight or darkness, according the official.

The aurora is a constellation that forms over the northern hemisphere.

It was first spotted in December last year and was reported to have been seen by more than 100,000 people.