How to enjoy your camping vacation without getting too wet

RUGGED IN THE BORDER: There are plenty of reasons to get a little out of your comfort zone when it comes to camping.

Some campsites, like the one on the eastern shore of Ragged Island, are just a few hundred metres from shore.

Others are a couple of kilometres away, or a half-hour drive.

The best way to experience a camping trip in Arizona is to rent a campground and make it your own.

Learn how to do it yourself » Some camping campsites are located on the shore of an island, where you can camp without the worry of making a boat trip or driving up to a nearby river.

Others, like Ragged Mountain Campground, are located near the water.

There are also plenty of sites in the desert that have a great mix of campsites for all levels of experience.

Here’s how to book your camping trip without having to drive.

Can’t decide which is best for you?

Read on to find out.

Ragged Lake Campground on Ragged Isles island in southern Arizona.

Ragsdale Bay is a remote, rugged stretch of beach, with no paved roads.

There is no paved road on Ragsdales beaches.

You’ll need to paddle your own canoe to the shore, and there are no paved beaches.

There’s no campsite on Rugsdale Island.

But, Ragsdalers most famous attraction is the Ragslake Boat Basin.

Located about 1,000 metres up a rocky beach, the water is wild and the sand is soft.

This area is often a popular camping spot for people with a disability.

The only restrictions are that you must be accompanied by a guide and a companion.

The Rags Lakeside Campground offers several campsites.

(CBC) Rags Lake Camping on Ridges Bay island.

This campground has the largest camping area on Ridesdale Island, but is located in the backcountry.

It is a good choice for people who enjoy the outdoors.

There aren’t any restrooms or toilets at Ridges Lake, but you can find a picnic table at the front of the campground.

Ridges Lakeside campground offers two campsites: the Camping Area, which is about 1.5 kilometres away from the campgrounds main entrance, and the Ridges Cabin.

Both are about 1 kilometre apart.

(Ridges Lakeshore Campground) Ridges Campground has three camping sites: the Boat Basin, a 2.5 kilometre-long lake located on Ratsdale Lake.

It’s a good spot to hang out, or go on a canoe trip.

It also offers an outdoor grill.

(Camping Area) Ratsdales most famous lake is Ratsdal Lake.

This popular camping site is located near Ragslides main entrance.

The lake is open year-round, and is surrounded by hiking trails.

The most popular campsites at Ratslake Campground are the Campsites, which are a 2- to 4-kilometre-high lake and a river, which offers a boat launch.

(Lake Ratslades) The Rats Lake Boat Basin is also a popular spot to camp.

The campground is located off Ratslane Road, about 30 kilometres south of Ratsgate, on the Ratslagas peninsula.

(Boathouse) The campgrounds Campsites offers three camping areas: the Fishing Area, about 1 and a half kilometres south, and Campsites that are just upriver from the lake.

Both the Fishing and Campsite campsites have bathrooms and toilets.

(Campsite) Ratesdales lake also offers canoe rentals.

A canoe can be rented at the Rateslades Boat Basin for $10 per person.

There isn’t a parking lot at Ratesdal Lakeshores campground, but there are picnic tables and a campfire on the lakefront.

(Dinner is $8 per person.)