How to camp in Arizona for the weekend

When it comes to camping, the U.S. has a lot to offer.

From the beautiful rolling plains of California to the hot desert sunsets in Arizona, it has a huge selection of camping sites and activities.

Here’s a guide to the best spots to camp and stay for the season.


Cimarron, California 3,700 feet above sea level, Cimarrons hills are home to many spectacular views and spectacular wildlife.

The city is home to an array of local breweries and restaurants.

You can rent a car or hike the mountain.

This is a great spot for the entire family, or just for a few days.


Humboldt, California 4,000 feet above ocean level, this is the highest peak in the Humbolding Mountains, located on the border between California and New Mexico.

The Humbolds, who make their home on the mountain, are known for their wild horses, mountain lions and other wildlife.

You won’t find them roaming the mountains, but there are plenty of trail and camping options available to get out and explore the Humberland.


Black Rock, Nevada 5,800 feet above the sea level.

A very scenic spot, this spot is one of the best places to camp at any time of the year.

There are lots of different camping options here.


Grand Canyon, Arizona 5,300 feet above Sea level.

This desert park in the middle of the desert is home in some of the highest views of the entire park.

You will be surprised at how much it can really take to appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon.


Grand Teton National Park, Montana 6,200 feet above mountain peak.

This area of the park is home the tallest summits in the world, with many of them more than 2,000 meters (6,700 ft) high.

The park offers a lot of hiking and camping.


Painted Rock, Utah 6,000 miles (8,500 kilometers) above sea.

This stunning and rugged wilderness area is home of the tallest peaks in the United States.

This beautiful area offers a wide variety of camping, fishing, horseback riding and hiking opportunities.


New Mexico City, New Mexico 9,100 feet above high desert.

This unique park is located in the desert in a large city in the state of New Mexico, where there is a large population of Nepalese people.

This place is home for many of the famous local sights, including the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Cathedral of St. Francis, the Grand Painted Wall, the Painted Mountain and the Salt Flats.


Baja California, Mexico 9.2 miles (13 kilometers) up the Pacific Coast.

This park has some of California’s best beaches and trails, including Yosemite Valley, Santa Cruz National Park and the California coast.

You’ll also find plenty of camping options at this remote area.


Big Sur, California 9.8 miles (15 kilometers) off the coast of the San Diego County coastline.

This remote beach park is popular for its spectacular panoramic views of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara City and the surrounding area.


Grand Isle, England 10.8 km (12 kilometers) inland from the English coast.

This pristine spot is a popular destination for tourists who love to visit the famous islands of Grand Isle.

There is plenty of hiking, camping and birdwatching at this unique spot.


Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz, California 11.6 km (11 kilometers) north of San Diego, California.

This gorgeous spot is home mainly to the Santa Cruz Mountains National Park.

It offers a variety of hiking trails, from a small to a large loop.

It is also home to several great restaurants, as well as some of Los Angeles’ most famous beaches.


Yosemite Valley and Santa Barbara National Parks, California 12.5 km (10 kilometers) east of the town of Santa Cruz in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This scenic spot is famous for its views of Yosemite Valley.

There’s plenty of walking, biking, mountain biking and hiking trails at this spectacular destination.


Redwood National Park 12.6 miles (12.8 kilometers) south of the city of Redwood, California in the Northern Sierra Nevada.

This amazing park is in the Sonoran Desert in California.

It features several hiking trails and camping, but you’ll have to camp on your own.


Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming 15.1 miles (18 kilometers) northeast of Wyoming’s Bighorns Mountains National Forest in the Conejos Mountains of central Wyoming.

This breathtaking place is the site of the Bighorner National Forest.

The Bighoreners mountains, which include the Bitterroot and the Blue Mountains, are also home of many species of animals and plants.

This forest also offers a wonderful camping option.


Yellowstone National Park 17.6 kilometers (18.