How much can you rent in Indonesia?

You can rent your home in Indonesia from the lowest cost price tag in the world.

It is the cheapest rental in the Middle East.

For the average Indonesian, however, you need to be a bit more daring.

The average rent for a one-bedroom flat in Jakarta is $1,500 a month.

The average rent in Riyadh is about $1.3 million.

In Dubai, the average is $3,000 a month, while the average rent is $2,000 in Riyadh.

The rent for an apartment is around $1 million in Jakarta, according to the Jakarta Rent Board.

But it is not cheap.

The apartment in the largest Indonesian city is about 1,800 square feet and costs about $2.3-3 million, while an apartment in Riyadh costs $2-3.5 million.

The lowest rent in the entire world is $500 a week in Bangkok, while in Riyadh it is about half that.

The price of a room in a Jakarta apartment is about one-fourth the price of the one-bedroom flat in a Riyadh apartment, according the Jakarta rent board.

So, in Jakarta you can get a room for $300 a month if you rent it for four months.

It will cost you $700 a month in Riyadh if you get a four-month apartment.

The Jakarta rent office is looking for people who are looking to rent a one bedroom flat in the city, according one of the Jakarta office’s founders.

They are looking for anyone who is not too keen on living in a big city, such as the capital Jakarta, or if you are not interested in living in the centre.

It does not require a degree or an English language proficiency.

The people who need to work in Jakarta are those who are not willing to go to a new city, because it is too difficult to adapt, or are not ready to live in a new area.

So they prefer to live with relatives or friends.

The most common reason for not living in Jakarta or Riyadh is a lack of experience.

People who have had less experience and the people who have not worked in Jakarta in the past are the ones who tend to stay in Jakarta because they want to have some independence.

The Indonesians need to adapt quickly, especially if they want a family or a job, so they can live independently.

The reason why people in Jakarta and Riyadh prefer to rent apartments in Jakarta instead of Riyadh is because the cost of living in Saudi is much higher.

A room in an apartment can cost about $300-$400 a month even if you live in Jakarta for four years.

This is why people who prefer to stay here are staying with relatives and friends in Jakarta.