How much can I pay for a ‘scamp’ trailer?

A lot.

In fact, the new Scamp is the cheapest trailer available on the market.

It can run $6,500 on Craigslist.

That is, it is not cheap.

The seller is willing to pay up to $5,500 for a trailer with a roof.

The owner says that the trailer’s cost is based on the trailer and trailer-building company’s estimate of the cost of the trailer.

It is $6k less than a full-size SUV.

But, if you are looking for a little extra, you can upgrade your trailer with an additional 4.6 inches of room.

It costs about $2,200, but it is a nice touch.

A lot of the scamp trailers on Craigslist are on the cheap side.

But there are many others.

Here is a list of the best ones on Craigslist and some of the price ranges they are on:The Scamp has a roof, and the seller says the trailer can accommodate a 2,000-pound trailer with 4.5 feet of clearance.

The trailer can also fit a 2.5-ton truck with 4 feet of clearance.

That trailer can be equipped with a trailer hitch that goes to the ground and has a sliding bar to prevent it from sliding into the ground.

The seller also says the scamps has an easy-to-clean exterior.

The exterior has a few small scratches, and there are also a few scratches on the underside of the vehicle.

The scamp trailer is rated to tow a 4,500-pound vehicle, but its rated tow rating is just 3,000 pounds.

It also has a weight limit of just 2,700 pounds.

The Scamps owner says the new trailer is the best-value option for people looking to buy a trailer.

The price on Craigslist is just $3,900, which is very affordable.

But there are other ways to upgrade your scamp.

The buyer has posted a video on YouTube showing off some other upgrades, such as adding a side hatch and adding a roof rack.

The Scamp can also be converted to an SUV by adding a rear end.

You will have to pay $3.75, but you will get to drive the scAMP.

The buyer also says that if you would like a trailer without a roof to haul your kids, you could get a trailer that is a bit smaller, like the one in this photo.

It would cost about $3k.

A few scamps have had their roofs removed.

You can buy a roof and add a trailer to it, or you can buy one that has been stripped to its original paint.

The trailer in this picture is a Scamp, and it is the most expensive trailer on Craigslist at $7,000.

The roof is an optional upgrade, and you could also get the option to add a roof rail and trailer hitch.