How a group of friends decided to live in a smoky mountain cabin

The idea for Smoky Mountain Cabin came to a group- of friends in 2012.

The group lived in a cabin with a fireplace in a remote area of the mountains, and were living off the grid.

They would camp and cook on the mountain each night.

After one night, they decided to try out a different campfire technology, and started the Smoky MOUNTAIN Campfire Company.

The company has grown to become one of the largest campfire companies in the US, and has over a thousand campfire sites across the country.

The campfire company is owned by Matt McLean and Rob Dickson, who also co-founded the Smokies Peak Campfire.

This year, Smoky Peak Campfires will hold their third annual campfire festival in Washington state, with the aim of bringing back the outdoors and bringing back Smoky Mountains experience to the whole world.

They are holding the festival on May 12 and 13, and you can watch a video about the festival below.