Firestorm: Scout camper in Illinois gets $7,500 after arson

A firestorm of controversy erupted Friday over the cost of a campground in Illinois after an owner posted a picture of a propane camping stoves and a camper with a tent in the driveway.

The campground at Pigeon Lake in western Ill., near the city of Bloomington, has a “camping for a family” sign in the front yard and an “all-inclusive” sign with a sign saying it’s “the best campground around” on a side road, according to its Facebook page.

But owner Ryan Jones told WLON-TV that the campground’s owner did not include a tent on the side of the road, so the owner decided to add a tent.

He told the station he had to spend $7.5,000 to get a tent and had to buy new tires and sandbags for the trailer.

Jones told the news station he was told by the campgrounds owner that he had a right to remove the tent because it was illegal in Illinois.

The Illinois Division of Land Management is investigating the incident.

Campground owner Kevin Smith told WSB-TV the incident had no bearing on his business, saying that it’s just a simple mistake and he had no intention of breaking the law.

Smith said he’s not going to change the location of his business and is looking for another location.