Camping in the Smoky Mountains of California

Camping on the Smokies in California is no longer an option for those looking for solitude and fresh air. 

A few weeks ago, a new state law banned campfires, made it illegal to set up camp in parks and took away camping spots. 

Now, the only option is to set your camp somewhere you can hike the trails and be alone with the earth. 

The new rule also prohibits the use of tent poles, golf carts, lawn chairs and other outdoor equipment. 

That means no camping in parks, no picnicking and no outdoor activities. 

So where are the camping spots? 

According to the state’s website, there are three camping spots in California. 


One for those who like to camp outdoors, one for those wanting to set out on their own, and one for anyone who wants to camp on the beach. 

According the website, the state parks system has 1,065,000 acres of land in California, so it’s easy to imagine how many campers might need to choose where they’ll camp. 

California Parks & Recreation says the rule will apply to camping in the parks for the next two years. 

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of camping in California right now. 

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