Camping and campgrounds: The good, the bad and the ugly

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on an Australian company’s dream camping experience at a campsite at a luxury resort in Queensland.

But in the wake of the backlash against the company and the backlash it received, we’ve since learned that Campspotcamp has since taken down the offending images.

While it’s still available on its Facebook page, the company has also removed the images.

Campspotcamp’s Facebook page shows a photograph of the company’s CampspotCamp camper.

The company is no stranger to controversy.

The photos of the man who made the images of himself with the campfire outside the CampspotCamper website have been widely criticised.

But it’s the images from the company that have received the most scrutiny.

In the wake the incident, a number of people have written to us asking us to look into Campspotcamper and its owners, John and Mary White.

They say the company uses its camper as a temporary residence, but has no intention of renting it out.

“We have not been approached by any other company to rent the camper out to them for the duration of the campsite,” the company says on its website.

It then goes on to say that “there is nothing illegal about the company”.

We contacted John and a number a emails, but no reply was returned.

In our investigation, we also contacted Campspot campsite owners who were also contacted by The Australian, asking them to provide information on the company, including how they plan to manage the company once they’re no longer working there.

While Campspot’s website states that it rents out camper space to people who are looking to stay for a short period, we found that it was far from clear that the company had any intention of doing so.

Campspot is currently using a campground at the end of a road near a local community centre in the city of Mount Isa, in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The campground was built in 2010 and has been rented out to up to four people.

A sign outside the campground says “We want you to have a safe and enjoyable camping experience.”

It is unclear how long the company is renting out the campens space.

It is also unclear how many people are living in the campen spaces at Campspot.

The number of camper spaces in the company-owned campground is unknown.

While we’ve contacted the company about the images, we have not received a response.

CampSpotcamp’s owner John and his wife Mary White told The Australian they did not rent out the company camper in any way.

They were “not a camper camp” as they were using the camptop as a home for four people, with the idea that it would become available to other people in the future.

“When the campet camper is fully booked out and booked out we are no longer planning to rent out it,” they said.

But they did provide a photo of their camper with the fire outside the camperer’s door and a message on the campsite’s Facebook wall, saying: “We would love to share the cam in the near future.”

They then went on to explain that “campers can camp on our site for up to three months in a campout space.”

They also said they did “not have any plans to rent this cam out to others”.

It is not known whether Campspot plans to use the cam to house people or for other purposes, including hosting festivals.

The Campspot camper at a private campground in the state of Queensland.

(Photo: Campspot Campsite) In a statement, Campspot said that while the company was “not planning to share this camper anywhere else in the world”, it was “still working with a number [of] potential parties”.

We asked the company how it plans to manage its camptops in the event that it does decide to rent them out.

The spokesperson said it would contact those parties and provide details about their plans.

We also asked if Campspot would provide information about the campgrounds it owns.

It replied: “Campspot has no plans to share any information about its campsite in any other way.”

We contacted CampSpot’s general manager, John White, but he declined to comment.

Camp Spot’s campground also hosts festivals in the Sunshine Coast, and it also runs a camp for its employees.

In a statement to The Australian in April, CampSpot said it “has not been contacted by any company or company-related organisation to rent it out for any reason, including to people travelling to the Sunshine State.”

But it does have a “voluntary agreement” with the Sunshine Police, which means it “will not rent camp spaces to people visiting the Sunshine and its beaches.”

It’s also not clear how many Campspot employees are employed by the company.

The Sunshine Police did not respond to an interview request.