Camp Redwood: Camps in California’s Redwood National Park open for the season

Opus Camper is the most iconic camping spot in California.

Its the ideal spot to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, knowing it is open all year round.

Camp Redwood has a variety of campsites for everyone, from small family campsites, to large campsites with a kitchen and showers, to the popular ‘family campsite’.

Opus also offers several campsites to choose from, including the spacious ‘Gift Camp’ and the unique ‘Bundle Camp’ which offers a variety, but a common theme: camping in a beautiful setting.

As a member of the Australian Redwood Association (ARAA), Opus has been a valued resource for thousands of members since its founding in 1882.

This year’s Opus camPERRA Camp Open is a great opportunity to enjoy some sunshine, the warmth of the campfire and a warm shower, with a little help from a solar powered shower.

The campsite at Opus, located in the Redwood Wilderness, is located at the top of the mountain in Redwood Lake.

Opus offers two campsites: the Gift Camp and the Bundle Camp.

Open year round from September 1st, campers can sleep in tents in the Gift Canyons, where the camper sleeps up to five people, or they can choose to sleep on the grass outside in the Bundle Canyones, where camping can be as small as one person.

The campsites are set up in an open, grassy area, with plenty of shade and natural light.

You can take a walk along the campground in the afternoon to take in the beautiful Redwood Canyon, or catch a sunset in the Big Bear Lakes.

For the weekend, you can relax by the fire in the tent at Opiss Campfire, or spend some time with your family on a hot day in the Pack Camp.