3 campers injured in fire at Lake Chelan

A man who was camping with his dog when a fire broke out on a trailer at the lake, authorities said Friday.

The blaze broke out early Friday afternoon on the trailer park at Lake Taconite in Lake Chelenak, about 35 miles south of Seattle, about 10 miles from Seattle, the King County Sheriff’s Office said.

About 45 people were camping on the property, which had a trailer capacity of 20 to 25 people, sheriff’s spokesman John Clements said.

Firefighters arrived shortly after 2 p.m. to battle the blaze.

The fire was extinguished, but the crew left about 10 minutes after the fire was declared, he said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how long the fire had burned.

No injuries were reported, but fire officials said the fire caused the trailer to topple over.

Clements said there were no injuries to campers or dogs.

A video posted to Facebook showed the flames licking through the wooden pallets, then shooting into the air.

The video showed a man, a woman and a dog, lying on the ground, but a firefighter appeared to help the two people.